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woww..im so like sparatic when it comes to updating..wich usually means im BORED

well..nothing really is going on..

next weak is prom.and i have everything but a ride, i might go in a limo with michelle but im not sure where that is going cuz she didnt tell me anything after i asked her the nextday..so i dont know?..errrrr...

but n e ways..i got my nails done too for it ..and later i have a colorguard sleepover that i have to go to and i really dont want to but oh well what r u going to do about it?..lol

and i still dont know wheather or not im going to do colorguard or dance or what..

oh and im quitting wendys cuz they are asshole mother fluffers..who piss me off!@!!!!!!...

n e ways..catch ya laterrrrr..

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well i deff. havent written in a while!!!!

well nothing new since like ever

no bf..and i dont even have a date to jr. prom..i thinking that i might not go?..i dunno

ughh..i really dont have a life..i need to get out of my house. i want to go to the movies..i havent gone in like forever so if n e one wants to go..hit me up..lmao..

well..im watching lost..soo later

me yo
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lfkahs dghs

omg..myspace is being a little gay effer!..lol....

so n e ways...nothing new here...

TODAY IS MY BIRHDAY...lol...YAY...happy sweet 16 to meee...lol..
i went shopping and got a new hat and 3 new pairs of earings from hot topic..and then i went to the cingular store cuz my freaking cell phone was being a gay fluffer n e ways the guy at the stand said it was 30.00 for a new sim card then i went to the actual store and it was free..then i got a new headset for my cell and i can use it for me regular phone...and im on it right now with my girls..and some guy from kentuky..lol...

well...i went to chevys for lunch and the people came out and sang happy bday to me..lol..and then gave me an icecream..lol.ha...but they didnt give me a god damn sombraro..lol..well n e ways..ill write later...

xo x ox-cass

sdflk dfkg

well i havent updated in a while so i am now..lol...

well my party was ok..not as many people as i hoped but it turned out nice..lol...

me meghan and nicole have become closer then ever!
thats right bffx//WORD...yeah..lol...

i have been "whoring" people on myspace and now i have like 430 friends..i know its lame but its fun..lol...me meg and nicole are like the whore queens...lol..

i just read the sweetest thing by one of my bestest friends in the wholeeee world....here it is

Cassandra= she has been one of my best friends since elementary school, we have been thorough hate and love, she'll back me up (most of the time), her personality is to die for, her looks are great (even if others dont agree), I love her eyes, she has to be my best friend, I LOVE YOU CASSIE!!
-krystal cook

i love you too krystal!!!!!!!!

lol...i feel so loved!!..lol

well..gotta go i have to check out the new car my brother bought..its a scion..and i get to ride in it on thurday and friday..whoo..lol....

xo x ox-cass

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       heyy people...havent updated in a while so i thought i would..well nothing really happened...broke it off with vinnie..i really didnt like him n e ways..soo..yeah..well...my party is coming sooner..lol..august 13 n e one want to come just tell me..lol..lets see..

      well i was onthe phone with meagan...then meghan called told meagan id call back..now her line is busy..that really works!..she needs to get call waiting that girl..lol..ne ways she wants me to go the beach with her..butt ehh i dont like it that much...she asked me to go on the board walk..but idn...i dont feel good today..well see....if she ever gets off the phone so i can call her back...

     i have a season pass..but no way of getting to 6 flags!..i mean i told angel next time she goes shes taking me!...but still!...lol...so if n e one wants to go...then tell me cuz i wanna go so badddd...lol...


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did me new layout!!....comment on it tell me if you love it!!..cuz i know i do...thanks for the brushes nichole!...lol..

xo x ox-cass
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heyy peoples!!!

well this past week off from school on summer has been quite boring!..lol..except for when me and meghan hang out..cuz that girl is the coolest PENIS HOLE...then yesterday and the day before i had to watch my cousins!!...they are ok...i made 40 bucks out of it though!!!...so thats good

omg i miss vinnie so much i only get to talk on the phone with him we have to hang out soon!!!!! you see that vinnie SOON!!..lol.. LOVE YA

n e ways im on the phone with nikki right now!...it was me and nikki and the penis hole!!...but nikki is cooler than meghan cuz she hung up with us to talk to heather!!....lol...

i was trying to figure out this damn paintshop thing and i just effin give up cuz IM NOT SMART!...lol...little insider with the b/f...lol...and nikki was trying to help but o well..o and thanks for the picture thing..uf you wanna see it then click hereCollapse )

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